Creating Lifestyles that Sell

The first step to selling your home is to make sure that your home appeals to the most number of buyers. A certified professional stager will be able to give you the sound advice you need to make this happen. 

A good professional stager goes well beyond de-cluttering and making it pretty. Dream Home Interiors provides solid advice on what repairs/changes need to be done before the staging can begin. They also pay attention to your budget to ensure that you only do what is absolutely necessary to secure the sale and to retain as much equity as possible. How does Dream Home Interiors make that great first impression? Our stagers:

  • Up the curb appeal so the buyers are anxious to walk through the door
  • Recommend paint choices so that it appeals to the most number of buyers
  • Edit existing furniture, lighting and accessories
  • De-personalize the space
  • Rearrange the layout of furniture, accessories and artwork to enhance each ​room's best features and traffic flow
  • Provide rental furniture and accessories if required
  • Recommend quality contractors for any repairs/replacements
  • Turn your house into someone else's dream home

Staging Services